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We take pride in the knowledge & integrity with which we treat our customers

Agriculture Electrical Service

At Jim’s Electric, we have the capability, experience and knowledge to provide agricultural electrical systems to the agriculture industry. We work hard to deliver careful design, meticulous installations and regular maintenance of the agricultural electrical systems. 

Our team can help design and build agriculture electrical service for facilities of all sizes, ranging from agricultural pumps, cold storage facilities, automated production lines, livestock feed mills, hog barns and much more. 

careful design + meticulous installation

As a company, we have ARE committed TO PROVIDING ADEQUATE resources to the agricultural community.

We know that farms, ranches and other agricultural operations need reliable electrical systems for things to run smoothly. Jim's Electric has extensive experience and understanding regarding the unique challenges that face Minnesota farmers. We do not commingle staff from one job to the next. Because disease transmission prevention is so important, we will be prepared to service your farm safely. We take pride in our knowledge of the agricultural industry and the integrity with which we treat our customers.

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